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When Carling appointed us as their lead strategic and creative agency in early 2013 they set us a big challenge - rebuild the relevance and credibility that the brand had lost with the key target audience of sociable young men.

Our response was to overhaul the brand strategy, and deliver a new suite of creative work ranging from TV to digital that brought comedy back to the brand and executed ‘Britishness’ in a way that resonated with the target. We succeeded in reversing an 8 year decline for the brand, allowing Carling to claim the no.1 spot in the category.


Perhaps the most shocking and committed approach to Carling advertising came from the great general public themselves. Through our catchphrase ‘It’s good…but it’s not quite Carling’ we created a phrase that has embedded itself into popular culture, and for one particular young man - so much so that it required inking on his arse. We loved it.

Carling #BrightonorBarbados

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