Dan Cullen-Shute

New Carwow work

Dan Cullen-Shute
New Carwow work

Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018

Six weeks after winning the business, we launched carwow’s new brand campaign ‘Tamed’ which went live on Boxing Day 2017. 

The campaign hopes to drive awareness of how carwow can help its customers navigate the complexities of the car buying process, empowering them to find their perfect car. Whilst also creating a stand out positioning and memorable strapline.

It’s an epic, cinematic film befitting the ambition of the UK’s fastest growing start-up, and is a clear move on from the brand’s previous campaigns. 

In the spot, the world of car buying, which can sometimes be intimidating for the average buyer, is likened to a pack of wolves, taunting our heroine. However, armed with the knowledge and expert advice that carwow provides their customers, she’s able to find her perfect car and ‘tame’ it, driving away at the end of the spot, as we see the line ‘Car buying. Tamed’ appear on screen.

Ben Middleton, Chief Creative Officer said. "A start up really going places. A brief demanding boldness. A stupidly ambitious script. And a production that somehow turned it all around. It's been one hell of a ride. And we couldn't be prouder of where we've got to."

Tracy Woods, Head of Brand Marketing, said, “carwow puts the power firmly in the buyers’ hands, dispelling the usual doubts and ultimately helping them choose the right car, right dealer and right price for their new car.

“Car buying should be an exciting and thrilling experience, but too often buyers feel out of their depth and exposed. carwow provides buyers with impartial support in choosing the best car for them, crucial price confidence, and a more convenient, hassle and haggle free experience.

“It’s no secret that buying a new car is a very emotively charged process and we wanted to make an advert that really captured the positive emotions felt by carwow buyers and convey that to the nation in an engaging, epic and stand out way.”

The 10” and 60” spots are supported online across the campaign period.