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To mark the 20th anniversary of The KLF burning a million quid the BBC have commissioned a radio play depicting the whole experience. It's well worth a listen. Here's a link if you want to give it whirl.

Also here's a link to the book that it's inspired by should wish to delve a little deeper into the Discordian world of the band.


JR, the paste-up artist prolly most well known for his work in the Favelas of Brazil and here, the work he did on the outside of the Tate Modern, has just installed a new piece at The Louvre in Paris. It's actually been destroyed by visitors, but here's a schpiel about it and picture:

Artist JR has created a giant 3D optical illusion from paper that imagines the iconic pyramid at the Musée du Louvre in Paris continuing underground, but it has already been destroyed.

Named The Secret of the Great Pyramid, the trompe l'oeil was made from 2,000 stickers surrounding Pritzker Prize-winning architect IM Pei's glass building, making it appear to project out from a white excavated crater.

At 17,000-square-metres, it was French street artist JR's largest collage to date. But within a day it was left in shreds after visitors traipsed across it.


Doreen Fletcher

Doreen Fletcher started painting scenes of East End London in 1983 but gave up in 2004 after being discouraged by a lack of recognition. Her paintings finally came to the public attention in 2015. Her use of light is incredible, and she makes the most mundane scenes incredibly captivating and beautiful


Bland book

Vikki Ross and Paul Mellor made a 'Bland Book for April Fools this year. It's a tool to help the industry deliver at an ever increasing speed and scale, disrupting the industry.
Just kidding, it's just poking fun at brand guidelines, and it's pretty funny. 

Everyman Cinema

And an extra little bit, I just love the attention to detail on the Everyman website, turning a boring piece of copy into something more enticing. Love this attention to detail.  


Unrehearsed Play




Mike Wilks

The Ultimate Alphabet - For this book he painted 26 different, very, very detailed paintings - one for each letter of the alphabet. He painted a total of 7,777 objects across the 26 paintings, which took him 18,000 hours to complete. Each one contained every object that began with that letter, for example the letter 'S' painting (my favourite one) contained 1,229 objects beginning with the letter 'S'. It came with a checklist book with the 7,777 words for the objects included in the paintings, as well as 4,223 words that were not included in the paintings. The person who found the most amount of objects that were included won the money.

The Ultimate Noah's Ark - The second book in the series consisted of one giant painting that included two of every animal, apart from one, painted in the style of a giant street parade. People were tasked with trying to find the one animal that didn't have a partner to win the money.

The Ultimate Spot the Difference - He then created this third, and final, book which tasked people to find not only the differences within the paintings, but also the text that was written to explain what to do in the book, so every single page in the book was doubled. I don't know a huge amount about this one and there's not a lot of info online, but I'm guessing that the person who found the most amount of differ


Sh**ged Married Annoyed by Chris & Rosie Ramsey

A podcast from comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife. Started as them having a chat in their kitchen, grown to top of the iTunes chart, getting them on Radio 1 and al sorts of stuff. It's just inane, everyday 'banter' between man & wife (but v. funny, as they're both comedians) that I'm sure happens all over the world. It helped remind me that as advertisers we shouldn't forget we're talking to these sort of people everyday - just normal, getting drunk, annoying your wife, annoying your neighbours, hating your child... people.


Faces Places

Faces Places doc following Agnes Varda and JR as they photograph people in rural France and make HUGE fly poster murals of their portraits.

A wonderful resource for random information and new/old music.

Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer is a Czech stop motion animator, filmmaker and artist. I came across his work in a film exhibition in Amsterdam. He creates surreal scenarios that play off of human truths found in society. Many of his short films use obscurity to highlight these issues. 


John Grant Promo

Only just seen this John Grant promo that came out at the end of last year. It's a mind-bending mega mix of almost every animation style from the warped and weirdly wonderful Casey & Ewan. It's clearly inspired by Sledgehammer if not a barnstorming homage to that titanic promo from the early 80s. 


Barbican Architecture Tour

I recently took the Barbican architecture tour. The estate was constructed as a singular project on a large site devastated by war in the city centre, and contains museums, an art centre, various residential buildings and public spaces. It has been described as both the best and worst example of modern architecture in the city. The design and construction of the site is fascinating and the tour takes you through some amazing public and private spaces you never knew existed.