Dan Cullen-Shute

New Work for Charlie Bigham's

Dan Cullen-Shute
New Work for Charlie Bigham's

Fresh off the back of reaching a million households for the first time, we’ve launched a new campaign for Charlie Bigham’s to bring the delicious taste of their dishes to a wider audience and encourage foodies to dig in.

The three executions for the fast-growing brand feature colourful illustrations from the artist Emily Sutton. Sutton recently transformed the Charlie Bigham’s packaging with her playful and vivid illustrations and is adept at capturing the essence and taste of Charlie Bigham’s, so was first choice when it came to choosing an artist to bring the campaign to life.

Each execution paints a lively picture of the lengths that company founder Charlie Bigham will go to to ensure his dishes are the best you’ll ever taste. They also feature quotes from Charlie Bigham himself with the line, ‘Only Delicious Will Do’ summing up the hard work and dedication that is put into creating every sumptuous dish. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice Charlie in each illustration, albeit as a hidden gem noticeable possibly only on second viewing.

The executions will run in print and OOH from the beginning of April until the end of May.

Stu Outhwaite-Noel, Chief Creative Officer and founder at Creature said, “It's a lot of fun attempting to make advertising that tastes like the product. No more so than when attempting to live up to Charlie Bigham’s incredible range. With the brilliant Emily Sutton helping out we think we've made a bunch of press ads as delicious as the meals the man himself makes.  

Stephanie Case, Marketing Director, Charlie Bigham’s, added, “Our new advertising campaign embodies the spirit of unwavering commitment to deliciousness that lies at the heart of the Charlie Bigham’s brand.  For the first time, we see Charlie himself playing a key role in the narrative. Emily Sutton’s beautiful designs vividly bring to life the real stories behind Charlie’s travels to find the tastiest ingredients to make the most delicious dishes – because for Charlie, only delicious will do.”


Creative Directors – Ben Middleton, Stu Outhwaite 

Creatives – Dan Ball, Joe Stone

Strategy Director – Caroline Baron

Account Team – Jasmine Portman, Jess Ossey

Illustrator – Emily Sutton

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